Monday, February 7, 2011

What do you fuel up with?

In training for the various things I'm hoping to accomplish this year I've started using energy gels and gummies to give me the extra fuel I need for the workouts. A friend of mine is doing a giveaway on his blog 26.2 Quest for a sampler pack of GU Energy Gels. I've tried the GU as well as other energy gels and GU is so far the best of the bunch. They're like eating something that is the consistency of cake icing and depending on your taste buds they taste about the same as (whatever flavor you're eating) icing. They definitely help keep you moving and are small enough to keep an extra in your pocket or in your belt back for another dose on a long run. When we do a long run around Stone Mountain I share one with Logan when he starts to get cranky and it definitely helps quash his grumpy mood which is usually induced by a lack of energy and fuel. (He rides alongside of me on his scooter while I run.) If I didn't share a GU with him he'd finish the grumpy evolution into a full fledged melt down. Dead rising from the graves.....Dogs and Cats living together.....MASS HYSTERIA...... Ok, maybe not that bad but you get the picture. A grumpy 9 yr old is not something you want to let fester for long. One shot of GU and his inner energy reserves are replenished for the rest of the long run. Well, long run for me, long scooter ride for him :)