Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you call it Face book then you don't deserve the access

Something came up today that made me think. Its funny how the older, out of touch people (ie: execs/directors/managers) suddenly need access to the tools and applications of today (social media), yet they don't understand even a fraction of what its all about or even how to use it. All they know is its the "hip cool thing" now and they need access to it to figure out how to make MILLIONS from it. I shit you not, I had a request that once accused me of holding up millions in potential revenue because some guy couldn't get to

There is a reason that tv shows and commercials poke fun at executives that are clueless about their own company. Its well deserved.

I'm sure one day I'll be, in some fashion, in that same boat with something that is new and for a younger generation. Of course that will only happen if someone figures out a way to zap the geek gene out of my DNA and then locks me in a cave for a decade but it could happen, maybe.

Until then, its Facebook, not Face book you outdated old fossil

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  1. I've fallen down laughing! So true. Now I can tell all my friends I read about this on the Inter-webs.