Monday, March 8, 2010

Downward is more like it

I had the opportunity to go to my Nephew's Basketball game the other day. He played really well and is having a good time with it. Unfortunately its with the "Upward" program that is sweeping through all the churches around here. Soccer and Basketball "leagues" that seem to focus more on having the kids memorize bible verses than actually teach them the sport they came to learn and play. This game they were playing another Upward team that hadn't won a single game and were still trying to figure out how to play as a team. Apparently the "Refs" (preachers) decided before the game that since the other team was sucking so bad they wouldn't keep score for this game. In addition to this stupidity the "refs" also decided to call penalties and fouls against the better (my nephew's) team and blatantly ignore the other team and their obvious fouls. One kid on the other team stops dribbling mid-court, holds the ball a moment, and the starts dribbling again. An obvious double-dribble violation and both "refs", who were looking right at him, ignore the foul and let play continue. A few moments later they call a traveling foul on my nephew's team when a kid is going for a lay-up. He did not travel, period.
What the hell is this pathetic excuse of a program teaching these kids? If you are weak and lacking in skills the refs will always bend the rules for you so your inner child doesn't get its teeny tiny widdle heart hurt? What a load of horse shit! These kids aren't learning anything about the real game of basketball. They are learning bad habits and that when they need improvement the refs will punish the other team to help them.
The "refs" should be ashamed of themselves and either ref the game according to the official rules or stay in the stands and out of the ref buisiness. From what I've heard talking to many parents this is a trend with the Upward program making it pretty much useless for any real experience and lessons.

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