Friday, December 3, 2010

Seriously? WTF Denver?

Face it. The terrorist have won.

The whole point of terrorism is to strike fear and discontent into your enemy disrupting their everyday life. To cause them unrest through acts of violence that lead them to constantly expect another one to occur. To breed paranoia into their daily life and make them eventually self destruct. Like this event the other day in Denver. Someone mounted a TOY robot to a pilar around Coors Field. Nobody knows why the toy was cemented in place but some mental giant sees it and immediately thinks BOMB!!! It never occurs to them to look at it and see its a FRAKIN TOY ROBOT. They simply panic and alert the Bomb Squad. This leads to fear and panic plus hours of traffic jams. All for a TOY ROBOT. Someone was so caught up in all the Right Wing media Fear and Suspicion propaganda that they saw this TOY ROBOT as a threat. This person was so blinded to common sense that all they could see was a potential bomb.

Here is the kicker. We'll never know who the "concerned citizen" was that caused all this needless waste of tax money and police time. Since it turned out to be "a whole lot of nothing" the idiot that called it in will scurry away and hide from the limelight and reporters.
If this had actually turned into some form of bomb or threat that same person would be front and center with every reporter and TV camera crew they could find so they could tell the world how they spotted the threat. He/She would end up on Talk Shows and Radio Programs to tell what they saw and how they reacted to save people. Hell, Hollywood would make a frakin movie of the week around the entire event. All of which is total bullshit. Spotting a threat and making a phone call does not a Hero make. People that call in bogus threats like this need to be named and opened to the ridicule that they deserve. He/She pushed their fear and paranoia onto the public causing disruption and panic for no legitimate reason. They saw a boogieman in the shadows and wanted to make sure everyone else saw it too.

It's shit like this that prove the terrorist have already won.

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