Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Milkshakes aren't a drink?

After an evening of celebrating and drinking a group of friends became hungry and, despite a reputation for dickhead waiters and bitchy waitresses, decided to hit a local 24hr eating establishment in Athens, GA.
Upon arriving at the establishment the waiter, we'll call him Richard for obvious reasons (not his real name), eventually sauntered over to our table to begin taking our drink order.

Richard: What would you like to drink?
Friend1: Water
Friend2: Sweet Tea
Friend3: Sweet Tea
Friend4: Diet Coke
Friend5: Milkshake
Richard: I'm only taking Drink orders right now
Friend5: Yeah, I'd like a Milkshake
Richard: yeah but I'm only taking drink orders right now
Friend5: and I'd like a Milkshake
Richard: Milkshakes not a drink, I'm only taking drink orders right now
Friend5: thats all I'm ordering
Richard: but thats not a drink, i'm only taking drink orders right now
Friend5: fine I'll wait

Richard then proceeds to take the rest of the "drink" orders and shuffles off to fetch the drinks.

Apparently at this establishment, the "Milkshake" is not a Drink. It's a complex process requiring the maker have a Masters Degree in Dairy Sciences and a PhD in Complex Fluid Dynamics. It would appear that only a select few "Milkshake Masters" are employed at this establishment and they are in high demand and routinely backlogged.

And here I thought it was just some Ice Cream dumped into a glass of Milk and blended together.

Who knew?

Please join the Milkshake Awareness Group to help spread the word.

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  1. What a jerk that waiter was. He can make note of a milkshake I'm sure (I'd suggest he take another piece of paper, the piece of paper he plans to use for food orders, and write it down on that!) Yes, technically, milk itself is a food, not a drink. But sheesh.