Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop turning YOUR beliefs into MY Laws!

As pointed out in my 25 Random Things About Me post. I have little to no patience for stupidity. Even less for polices and processes that are devoid of logic.

A few events recently have triggered the "raging mental fist of death" response in my brain.

The first is the Snellville City Council voting to NOT allow Sunday Sales of Alcohol. A time when State Governments are cutting services and work hours http://bit.ly/YnXMf is not a time to get on your moral high horse and turn down a solution that will bring in the much needed tax money that Sunday Sales would produce. Its only a matter of time before the State's woes start to trickle down to the local governments more than it already has. I'm sure the surrounding areas that are not so backwards and stuck in the past will enjoy and do well with all the tax money that will be generated by you and your neighbors as you go outside Snellville to dine due to the same restriction you supposedly supported.

Here is a news flash for all you Bible thumpers out there that have assumed the position as moral savior of society. Stocking up on your beer, wine and alcohol on Monday through Saturday so you don't have to support Sunday Sales is idiocy. Drinking it on Sunday makes you a hypocrite. You really need to mind your own house and leave the rest of us alone. Stop turning your outdated beliefs and morals into my Laws. My son knows the difference between "adult drinks" and drinks that are appropriate for him. Seeing "adult drinks" does not make him want one nor does it corrupt his innocense or nature. Maybe your children are so sheltered that such an exposure would shatter their fragile little perception of the world but not mine. There is this place that I like to call "the REAL world" and I'm raising him to be a part of it and not be afraid of it. He will grow up understanding that there are things that some people get to do that others do not, be it due to age restrictions, job descriptions, or training and education. Education is the key to all learning and this includes social education through experience and exposure. Educate your children with the morals you want them to have but don't use Laws and Ordinances that affect everyone else to do so. Especially when large majority of you spend the weekend trying to see just how much Bud you can go through while watching football, nascar, or whatever your viewing poison is. Teach your children to take some responsibility in their own actions, know their own limits, and to respect the rights of others. Stop hiding behind making things you don't like illegal just because you don't like them or your "good book" says its The Debil!! - Helen 'Mama' Boucher (The Waterboy)

Here's a thought! If you don't like it, DON'T DO IT! If a business sells or does something you don't like, DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS! If a TV Show content is not something you want to watch or want your family to see, TURN THE FRAKIN CHANNEL!! There is most likely a remote control in your hands or on the sofa next to your ass. Are you so morally offended and stupid that you would rather sit there and be offended while looking up the phone number of the TV network to call that you can't simply turn the channel?
Is this so frakin hard to understand? If it is truly the "majority" of people in the area that don't like a business or TV Show, guess what, if you ignore a Business or TV Show it WILL go away. Running a business is not free and eventually they'd have to close. Producing TV Shows is not cheap and without viewers they WILL go away. If they don't close or go away, well then I guess you are in what we like to call the MINORITY and need to STFU because others do want the business or TV Show.

Why is it ok for you to go out and have a drink with dinner Monday through Satruday but not on Sunday? If you are so against drinking then why do you patronize businesses that are 'so immoral" for wanting to serve on Sunday? The vote to not allow Sunday Sales is what normal people like to call "cutting off your nose to spite your face". Its a stupid decision based on a groups outdated morals and obsessive need to push those morals onto others.

When the City starts looking to cut services or furlough workers we can look to you, Mr Moral Soul Cop to thank for the situation. Your backwards morals have robbed the City of much needed tax revenue that you could easily have chosen to avoid by not buying alcohol on Sundays but you didn't. You pushed your morals onto us yet again. I'm sure the employees being furloughed or fired will appreciate your moral fortitude while they look for ways to try and feed their families and keep a roof over their head.
I'm sure a lot of them would like to thank you in person, late at night, with a tire iron.

The fact that this measure failed is the 2nd point of blinding rage that screams inside my head.

What sort of City Council is EVEN NUMBERED?!?!?!?! How in the hell is that even remotely smart? All voting organizations should be ODD numbered in members to avoid the stupid stalemate like we had here. Do I really need to go on about how odd numbers can't be divided in the middle when votes are taken? To have an even numbered council is stupidity, plain and simple and this Council has again shown us how backwards and ignorant they can be.

I for one salute the 3 members that voted in favor of generating the much needed tax revenue through Sunday Sales. Those 3 at least showed that they are looking out for the City and its revenue stream rather than outdated morals that people are free to follow on their own every day of the week regardless of Laws and Ordinances.

That is my major beef with Religion. Its never happy unless its pushing its morals onto others against their will.

But that is a rant for another day. :-)

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