Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you a Geek?

Ever wondered if you were a "Geek"? Take a moment and answer the following questions and see how much of a Geek you are. (Keep a count of the "yes" answers)
  1. Do you count the days until a new show premiere date?
  2. Are you constantly checking a convention website looking for updates to the guest list?
  3. Have you ever gotten super excited when a celebrity has replied to you via email, twitter, or facebook?
  4. Are you the "go to" person for most of your friends on a particular subject or event?
  5. Do conversations in social situations often turn to you explaining one of your passions or hobbies?
  6. Do you work movie quotes into conversations with friends, family and coworkers?
  7. Do most of your friends quote right back?
  8. Are you one of the first of your family/friends to adopt technology or new internet services?
  9. Have you ever attended a midnight release of a video game, book or movie?
  10. Have you ever dressed up for a convention or party?
  11. Do you routinely use more than one social media site or service? (facebook, twitter, myspace, foursquare, gowalla, etc...)
  12. Do you have more than one iPod or MP3 playing device?
  13. When you pack for vacation do you have an "electronics and chargers" list?
  14. Are the books you read routinely part of a series?
  15. Have you gotten in line hours (or days) ahead of release time/date for a product or event?
  16. Do you primarily interact with your friends via the internet?
  17. Do you have friends you routinely chat with on the internet that you have never met in person?
  18. Have you ever attended a tweetup or flashmob event?
  19. When you get a mass email forward from a friend do you frequently hit and inform your friend that they are forwarding a hoax?
  20. Do you measure your computers storage potential in TB?
  21. Do you have at least one MMO subscription?
  22. Do you get most of your news and current events via Social Networking, News Aggregate sites, and RSS Feeds?
  23. Do you still have a piece of technology thats popularity dates back more than 10 years?
  24. Can you read a Binary Clock?
  25. Have you ever hacked your X-Box, Tivo, AppleTV, or Wireless router?

Chart of Geekness (How did you do?)
  • 0 = End User - You probably still have a VCR and its most likely STILL blinking 12:00 from when you first plugged it in
  • 01-05 = Not a geek but you know one - you scratched your head and said "huh?" to most of the above questions, you did know enough to use Google to try and answer some of them.
  • 06-10 = Category 1 Wannabe Geek - You've probably been round a Category 3 or higher Geek enough times to have some Geekness rub off on you. With a little bit of effort you could attain Category 2 Geekness in no time.
  • 11-15 = Category 2 Geek - You have a basic understanding of many Geek things and are on your way to becoming an authority in one of your passions or hobbies.
  • 16-20 = Category 3 Advanced Geek - You are an expert in a particular field but are still working on others. Your thirst for knowledge and skills will take you far.
  • 21-24 = Category 4 Elite Geek - Other Geeks value your opinion and often seek you out for sounding board sessions in an effort to figure things out. You work well in a group of other Geeks but your patience with end-users is thinning.
  • 25 = Category 5 Uber Geek - You associate with mostly other Geeks, you are the frequent "go to" person for many Geek subjects and areas of study. You enjoy discussions with other Geeks but have little to no patience for end-user complaints and assumptions.

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