Monday, September 6, 2010

DragonCon 2010

After spending many hours in the car going back and forth from DragonCon to my house every evening, I decided this year to get a room at the Con. BEST decision I ever made.


Because this year's DragonCon was HUGE for me:
  1. I got to help with my friend Joe Peacock's Art of Akira Exhibit
  2. I got to meet Marian Call in person and arranged for her to play the Fark Party (
  3. I hung out with Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston from Eureka at the Wolf Pack Party
  4. I wore my first costume (Stargate SG-1 off world uniform w/ vest and weapons)
  5. I got to meet many Stargate Celebrities and show them my Stargate Turtle Tattoo, overall reception was really good, they loved it. (Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Lexa Doig, Jewel Staite, Jason Momoa, Alaina Huffman, Paul McGillion, and Corin Nemic)
  6. I had a wonderful and long chat with Alaina Huffman from Stargate Universe (she was beyond cool!)
  7. My explanation of the Stargate Turtle Tattoo to Alaina Huffman made it into the CNN Celebs at DragonCon Video (Thanks @alainahuffman for sharing that link with me)
  8. I met @EddieMcClintock (Pete) and @SaulRubinek (Artie) from Warehouse13 and got them to sign the Farnsworth Prop Replica I got from QMX
  9. I got a Zat'nik'tel prop for my Stargate SG-1 off-world costume
  10. I got to have dinner with Marian Call and her Guitarist Scott Barkan and helped them with their gear from the Fark Party to the Parsec Awards and then to the Browncoat Ball.
  11. I bumped into many friends that I know locally, friends from years past, and made some new friends as well.
  12. And of course I took a ton of pictures
Overall, this year beat last year and I'm looking forward to next year beating this year. It'll be DragonCon's 25th Year and I'm hoping for some massive Celeb turnout and great times.

See you there!

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